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List of protective equipment when handling substances requiring preparation for accidents A

Type 1a protective clothing for chemicals

Main functions


Protection from hazardous gases


  • (Definition) Protective clothing equipped with an air supply for breathing independent of the atmosphere, such as an open- circuit SCBA, inside the suit that protects the wearer from gaseous substances

  • Classified into emergency use and general use according to flame retardant performance

  • Limited reuse

  • All-in-one with integrated chemical protective gloves and boots

Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

Main functions

  • Used when there is a risk of suffocation due to lack of oxygen or the presence of harmful gases

  • No need for a separate respirator cartridge


  • Used for handling substances requiring preparation for accidents A

  • Used in places with a concern for lack of oxygen or with suffocating agents above normal level, as well as when handling chemicals for which adsorbents have not been developed with current technology

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